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Christa Elza, FNP-C

Founder, Elive Health +Aesthtics

I’ve been where you are. As long as I can remember I have been driven by adventure and pushed myself to constantly do more, learn more, be more. I have been successful in many areas of my life and reached every goal l put my mind to, but there was a cost. 

I can remember going home “sick” having heart palpitations in 4th grade from stress I put on myself to make perfect grades. In my early 20’s I developed paralyzing anxiety as I juggled working long hours overnight in the Emergency Department with going to classes to further my medical career during the day.

I moved to New York City as a young adult and found myself running on empty much of the time as I pushed the limits with my social life and work life. I have felt the intense desire to do and see as much as I possibly could with every day I have been given, but that doesn’t have to come at the cost of my mental or physical health anymore.

My awareness of this detrimental pattern came to light as I saw my reflection of intensity and exhaustion in many of the patients I treated in practice. I saw so many people in their 30’s and 40’s struggling with fatigue, weight gain, and hormone imbalance. They had the desires and dreams, but had lost the energy they had just 5 years prior. 

I began to realize my toolbox was too limited to really help my patients with pills and hormones that I had been trained to treat with. I went back to school to study functional medicine, learning how to dig deeper to the source of symptoms and treat from there. Since then, not only have I solved my own burnout and anxiety through this approach, I’ve helped my clients and patients actually heal theirs for good, too.

Your physical health plays a huge role in how successful you are. If you’re ready to feel like yourself again with renewed creativity and energy, or you simply want to keep feeling great while hitting big life goals, I’d like to invite you to book a free consultation with me. Together, we will get clear about the health and life you’d like to have, uncover what’s standing in your way, and create a plan to support your body to optimal performance.

Christa Elza
Elive health Founder

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